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Power Solutions International’s 8.8-liter propane engine featured by TICO during the ACT Expo

Both companies are teaming with the Propane Education and Research Council to promote the use of alternative fuels in on- and off-road vehicles

LONG BEACH, Calif., April 24, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Power Solutions International Inc. (“PSI”) (OTC Pink: PSIX), a leader in the design, engineering and manufacture of emissions-certified, alternative-fuel power systems; and TICO Manufacturing, a pioneer in fleet services, terminal services, and terminal tractor manufacturing; announced that they will display a UPS terminal tractor powered by PSI’s 8.8-liter on-road propane engine in Booth #635 during the Advanced Clean Transportation (ACT) Expo April 24-26 in the Long Beach Convention Center, Long Beach, Calif.

TICO Terminal Tractor
TICO Pro-Spotter with PSI’s emissions-certified 8.8-liter propane engine

Introduced at a previous ACT Expo, the Pro-Spotter terminal tractor was the first major collaboration between PSI and TICO to integrate custom alternative-fuel engines into TICO’s powertrain platform options. TICO Pro-Spotter terminal tractors are widely used in distribution centers, rail terminals and ports to move semi-trailers and shipping containers. Specific fleet customers are moving forward with alternative fuels and run numerous TICO Pro-Spotters with PSI’s 8.8L CNG and LPG engines in their facilities nationwide.

TICO Pro-Spotters with PSI’s emissions-certified 8.8-liter engines provide uncompromised power, performance, fuel efficiency and fuel flexibility to any user. The engine also powers medium-duty bus and truck applications.

“TICO and PSI have an excellent collaboration to provide the marketplace with products that meet demands, whether through gasoline or alternative fuels,” PSI CEO John Miller said. “In coupling our propane and gasoline solutions with TICO’s applications, we have many opportunities to serve ports that want to replace diesel-powered equipment with cleaner fuels.”

TICO and PSI are displaying a UPS propane tractor in conjunction with the Propane Education and Research Council (PERC), which will be located next to TICO during the Expo. Funded by the propane industry, the Propane Education and Research Council implements safety and training programs, conducts research and invests in technology development with leading equipment manufacturers to expand adoption of propane as a clean, American-made energy source.

“Port operators need equipment that gets the job done cost-effectively while meeting emissions regulations. Propane-powered equipment checks all those boxes,” said Tucker Perkins, president and CEO of PERC. “The propane industry has worked with PSI to develop a line of engines that provide the lowest total cost of ownership with clean emissions, and the TICO port tractor is a great solution using their engine. We’re pleased to work with TICO and PSI to show attendees at ACT the value propane can bring to the industry.”

In addition to the Pro-Spotter terminal tractor, TICO will promote its recently developed propane pony tank fuel replenishment system during the Expo. The patent-pending system, which uses rail-fed forklifts to replenish propane fuel tanks on trucks every eight hours, enables vehicles to operate constantly.

About Power Solutions International, Inc.

Power Solutions International, Inc. (PSI or the Company) is a leader in the design, engineering and manufacture of emissions-certified, alternative-fuel power systems. PSI provides integrated turnkey solutions to leading global original equipment manufacturers in the industrial and on-road markets. The Company's unique in-house design, prototyping, engineering and testing capacities allow PSI to customize clean, high-performance engines that run on a wide variety of fuels, including natural gas, propane, biogas, gasoline and diesel.

PSI develops and delivers powertrains purpose built for the Class 3 through Class 7 medium duty trucks and buses for the North American and Asian markets, which includes work trucks, school and transit buses, terminal tractors, and various other vocational vehicles. In addition, PSI develops and delivers complete industrial power systems that are used worldwide in stationary and mobile power generation applications supporting standby, prime, distributed generation, demand response, and co-generation power (CHP) applications; and mobile industrial applications that include forklifts, aerial lifts, industrial sweepers, aircraft ground support, arbor, agricultural and construction equipment. For more information on PSI, visit

About TICO Manufacturing

TICO (Terminal Investment Corporation) has been a pioneer in fleet services, terminal services, and terminal tractor manufacturing for over 46 years. TICO has also been manufacturing its Pro-Spotter terminal tractor for retail availability since 2008.

Born in the ports, the TICO Pro-Spotter is a product with the most effective R&D strategy in the yard tractor market today. And from that experience as an OEM manufacturer, TICO has been able to operate and maintain a fleet of over 1,400 yard tractors at ports across North America. Its Pro-Spotter On- and Off-Highway terminal tractors and Pro-Shuttle terminal trailers are also currently in use in distribution centers and rail terminals throughout the continent. Pro-Spotter terminal tractor sales, service, parts, and rentals are available through its North American dealer network.

TICO Manufacturing is the quality manufacturer of the TICO terminal tractors, which are built “For The Real World” in Ridgeland, S.C. For more information, please visit


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